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We put our HEART into what we do, we always have and always will.

It all started in 2014, when Mauro and Monica, who’ve been friends for more than twenty years, decided to embark on this journey together. Mauro had already founded Petite Events in Malta, and had already teamed up with Monica on several events. Both share the same adventurous spirit and the same passion for the slightest detail. Plus, they’re united by deep affection and strong mutual esteem.

This is how Petite Events Italia was born. Two other people also joined the company: Giusy, Monica’s sister with an experience in tourism, and Daria, Monica’s lifelong friend with a solid travel industry expertise.

What characterises us is definitely our long-standing experience, but what we love to highlight the most is the importance that each and every one of us gives to friendship, bonds and values! 

We will always make you feel pampered, because we always put our HEART into EVERYTHING we do!


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